Month: July 2009

Millbrae Demonstration

Last night I was honored to present a painting demonstration to the Millbrae Arts Association. It is a small, but lively group. I was told to expect about 10 people, but 17 actually showed. Prior to the demo, Sherry, the president mentioned it might be good to do a snow scene, which is what I did.

I won’t go into all the details, so below are a few shots during the meeting. I did a snow scene of the Truckee River, which is one of my favorite subjects in the past.




Below is a snapshot of the painting, which I finished probably in about 90 minutes–

Truckee Winter

James Harold Gallery Show

Just returned from 4 days at Lake Tahoe. James Harold Gallery kicked off a solo show which will last most of the summer. The theme for this show is gallery wrap paintings. Gallery wrap means the canvas wraps around the support frame and has a 1 inch side. This side is painted so a frame is not required. I did a number of miniatures, diptychs, and one large painting for the show.

I won’t go into a blow by blow of my trip, but will include just a few snapshots below. The best news is as I arrived Sunday, a collector was already purchasing one of my paintings!

Sunday afternoon was a reception, and I painted in the gallery. Below is me with some of the new paintings. This was actually taken today just before I left and I had on my painting garb–


It was sunny and warm the entire time. Monday, I hung around the east shore doing a little painting, but mostly just taking snapshots for future painting studies. Although a bit windy, Lake Tahoe colors were in their splendor–


Tuesday, I drove to Virginia City for possibly a change of scenery to paint. Virginia City is the site of the famous Comstock Lode, at one time, one of the richest mines in the world. For a time, it was also the home to Mark Twain who worked for the local newspaper. If you are ever in the area, it is a wonderful place to visit as the historic old buildings have been restored–


Here is the scene I decided to paint looking down on part of Virginia City–


The sun was so bright, I had to huddle in the shade behind my car rear door in order to judge colors correctly–


After an easy morning & one last visit to the gallery, I headed home this afternoon.

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