Kathleen Dunphy

Considered one of the top traditional artists in California, Kathleen Dunphy has always been on my list of favorite artists.  The California Art Club was sponsoring a demo by Kathleen in Pacific Grove, and I was anxious to attend.  At first it was a little iffy if it would happen as quite a few rainy weather fronts had been coming through the area.  The location of the demo in Pacific Grove is a familiar place for artists in the area.  About every artist I know, including me, has painted there many times.

The weather was very misty on arrival, but cleared up enough for Kathleen to do her demo.  Due to the weather, rather than painting something larger, she chose a small 6×8 canvas size.  Frankly, I was surprised there wasn’t a large crowd.  With Kathleen’s reputation, I expected a large group, but only about 8 showed up.  I also expected a lot of anxious newby artists, but just about everyone there was an A-List professional.  Perhaps it was the inclement weather.  

Kathleen painted and talked for about two hours and the painting turned out great. Like she said, her demos are how to start a painting!

It was an enjoyable, intimate morning, and glad I attended.  A few techniques Kathleen used, I plan on trying soon in my never ending endeavors in the art world.

Below are a few pictures of the event…