Asilomar, 8×10, oil on panel

Asilomar is a derivation of the Spanish phrase asilo al mar, meaning asylum or refuge by the sea.

I hadn’t been out painting in awhile, so went out with the Monterey Bay Plein Air Painters yesterday to Asilomar State Beach.  It was a foggy, very misty morning.  I used to always chase the light when looking for painting locations, but over the years have come to embrace the moody foggy landscape and seascape.  I even started a ‘Misty’ series you can see here.  Looking back, I think collectors like them also, as most of these have gone to a permanent home!

This morning, however, the air was thick enough that everything was getting wet.  Although oil paints won’t absorb water, the water can muck up your paints, and lift them off the canvas.  After about an hour of this, it did clear up enough and the sun broke out occasionally.

I did a simple scene of just the water and rocks.  It turned out pretty good for a 90 minute color study, so might keep it.  Below are a few pictures of the day.