Elkhorn Morning

Elkhorn Slough, nestled along the central coast of California, is a short drive from our home in Marina. Its tranquil waters wind through marshes, mudflats, and tidal creeks, offering refuge to a rich array of wildlife, including otters, seals, numerous bird species, and vibrant marine life.

I had been wanting to get out and paint some of the wondrous skies between a series of storms which have been hitting the central California coast, so went out this morning to Elkhorn.

It was wonderful just sitting and enjoying the peaceful sounds of the estuary residents. Not many homo sapiens were around. The wide variety of waterfowl were constantly coming and going, diving for food, and playing in the water. Sea otters swam and dove for their morning meal.

I took some artistic liberty in the skies, painting the sky as it looked closer to sunrise before I got there. I plan on adding a few details and touchup in the studio, and when done will publish an official photo. Below are a few photos of the morning.


Here is the final piece after just a little touchup in the studio. I added just a bit to the clouds, and detailed some of the fence lines

Elkhorn Morning, 12×16, oil on board, plein air