Carmel Art Festival Day 4

Today was the main event where the public is invited to view the finished works, awards are granted, and the paintings are auctioned off. Most plein air events auction off the paintings, and the Carmel Art Festival is typical. During the day a ‘silent auction’ is open where buyers write in their name and a bid for the painting. Once it reaches so many bids for a particular piece, (ten in this instance), the painting with be “live auctioned” off vocally to the highest bidder. This is conducted something like what most people have seen or may be accustomed to in a live auction. Both my paintings had enough bids to go to live auction…the only artist with both paintings to do so.

The day actually went pretty slow, as most artists hang around the exhibit space and chat with other artists and art collectors. Pastor John Helveston and his wife Lucy came down and kept me company for part of the day. Pastor John presides over a local church close to my home.

Below are a series of photos from the day.

Some of the event tents
The paintings are hung outside under canopies.
“Yours Truly” alongside my two paintings.
Jeff Owen alongside his sculpter. Jeff is from San Jose, is a fellow member (and past president) of the Los Gatos Art Association. He sculpts using old junk parts. The title of this sculptor is “Mask”.
My two paintings.
My two paintings in live auction.

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