Plein Air Painters of America

The Plein Air Painters of America is one of the preimminent plein air art associations in the U.S. They were holding their annual show in Stockton this year. Although they have events occurring all weekend, I wanted to go today while they were having a paint-out in a local winery. Some of the top plein air painters and landscape artists would be there.
Below are some photos of the event.

Ralph Oberg working on a scene of the vineyard
Gil Dellinger doing a pastel of the vines.
Scott Burdick, doing a portrait. I ran into Scott last January in Yosemite Park and painted with him a few days.
A group of the artists in the middle of the vineyards.
Kevin McPherson with quite a crowd. Kevin is considered one of the ‘deans’ of today’s plein air movement.

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