Yosemite Day 3

Today was the last day of my short trip to Yosemite. I called Scott Burdick around 8:00 and he was already out photographing the morning light, and getting ready to paint. I went out to join him in a meadow fairly close to Yosemite Lodge. It was 27 degrees out.
By the time I got there, Scott was already painting. He was doing a study of Yosemite Falls and the surrounding cliffs. I decided to paint the morning sun as it hit the Washington Column, North Dome, and Royal Arches. The light was just wonderful. The granite cliffs were lit up as if generating their own luminescence. Below is a photo of me in the field along with the painting.


The painting took a couple of hours, and I had to get back to check out of my motel room. Scott then caught up with me and we had a quick lunch together. Then, it was back to the same field to do one last painting before time to head home.

I always use standard size canvas panels, but the last time I had painted Yosemite, I wished I had brought some wider, more panorama canvas. I brought a couple this time, so it was time to try it. My last painting of the trip was, again Cathedral Rocks, but this time from a different vantage point and a wider view. The panorama of the scene gives you a little better idea of the magnificent of Yosemite Valley.


The panoramic painting turned out well, I think and I will try the different sizes in other paintings where it warrants it in the future. Besides, it is refreshing to try something a little different!
Here is a photo of Scott. He was painting Sentinel Rock as it loomed over the meadow.


I finished the painting a little after 2:00 and it was time to head home. After packing up and saying goodbye to Scott, I wound my way out of the valley and the Sierras back to San Jose.