Adding Interest

I had mentioned in my previous post about changing an older mini painting more to my liking. I had done the painting about a year ago, and even though it had great color, it looked ’empty’ and lacking ‘interest’. So, I added some buildings, a fence and a road leading into the painting. Below I have a before and after. So does the new version look better? I think so.




Hollister Valley 5×7 Oil on board

More Mini’s

I just switched Internet service providers so my high speed link was out for over a week. I had to go down to the local library just to check my email. Anyway, we are back up now with a faster link.

In the meantime, I have been painting a lot of miniatures. My galleries seem to sell these quite readily, and I enjoy doing them. I did 9 last week, plus changing an older one more to my liking. Below are a few, which I will be distributing to my galleries as soon as the frames come in. You can see more by clicking here. The top two rows are all new.

Big Sur Jetty 4×6 Oil on Board

Carson Colors 7×5 Oil on Board

Tahoe Colors 7×5 Oil on Board