Yosemite Day 3

After a quick breakfast, and checking out of Yosemite Lodge, it was time to do one last painting and then head home. With the snow, there were not many places to pull off and paint, but I found a wonderful spot along the Merced River with a view of El Capitan in the background. The light was just stunning. Right under a big evergreen tree, there was no snow, so a perfect spot to paint from!

I set up and drew in my sketch, and then decided to do this painting entirely with a #4 round fairly worn bristle brush. I usually use a #8 or #10 bright, but the round bristle would force me to broaden my paint strokes.

Here is the scene when I set up–


All through my trip I was occasionally entertained by a passing coyote–


My easel as I was painting by the Merced River–


A quick snapshot of the painting–


I’ll post better pictures of all the paintings later when I get a chance to review them and maybe touch them up a little.

All too soon it was time to head home. I would have loved to stay for several more days, or a week, as this was the most beautiful I have seen Yosemite Valley in recent years!!