Skagway, Alaska

Our last port of call on the cruise was Skagway, gateway to the Klondike. We were here once before and it was cloudy and rainy at the time. Same scene this time. After walking around the town, I returned to the ship, and once again, painted from the ship. I used a little artists license and added a splash of sunlight behind the town.


This is the last post from the cruise. Afterwards, we went on to Anchorage, then a couple days at Denali National Park. We toured via bus into the park and I brought my paint set, however there really was not enough time to stay with the group and paint, so I will save that for some studio paintings.

Out of four paintings, I have at least several ‘keepers’ from the cruise, and will touch them up and post photos of them at a later date. Once again, these small canvases are the best souvenier anyone can bring back from a trip!!