Demonstration at James Harold Galleries

Following the reception yesterday at James Harold Galleries in Tahoe City, I did a demonstration painting in the gallery today. I had forgotten to bring any printed reference material, but have been using my iPod Touch more and more to display digital photos I have taken for studio paintings. Some of the gallery personnel wanted a painting of Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe, so that was fine with me. The iPod Touch screen is so detailed, it is almost like looking at a slide. I had no problem finding some good reference photos of Emerald Bay, so time to start painting!

Below are a few shots of me painting. If you look real close below the canvas on the easel, you can see the little iPod Touch I was using to display my reference photos—


The painting turned out quite well. The gallery kept it and put it on a special easel until it dries and they can frame it. I forgot to get a good picture of it, so hopefully someone at the gallery can take a photo of it before it sells.