Sierra Road

Sierra Road winds from San Jose into the eastern foothills of Santa Clara Valley (otherwise known as Silicon Valley). I was out on that road watching the Tour of California a week ago, as you may have read in a previous blog. I was rained out for painting, so went back today. A storm had just cleared, and the skies were wonderful! I found a great spot overlooking the valley, and could actually see downtown San Francisco, looming over the bay 50 miles away. Mt Tamalpais was directly behind it. What a great day!

I ended up doing a small panorama, 8×16 inches in about 90 minutes. It turned out quite well, a real keeper. I even painted in a wisp of San Francisco way in the distance. Below are a few shots from my vantage point.




Below is the painting. I will probably touch it up a bit, but doesn’t need much!

San Jose california