The Panama Canal

Many of you know we just returned from a cruise to the Panama Canal. It was a round trip out of Ft Lauderdale, Florida. Although there is usually not much time to paint on these outings while in port, I always take a small paint set just in case. Although I generally paint in oils, when traveling, especially international, I bring a small acrylic set as they are so much easier to travel with. There is no need to purchase turpentine at the destination, acrylics dry in a few minutes, and many other advantages.

On this cruise, I managed to do two paintings in the early morning in two ports before the activities of the day. The first was early morning in Aruba. A rain squall had just cleared and the early sun splashed a pink glow throughout the sky. The scene is the harbor just off the main boulevard. You can’t see it, but the Island Princess ship is just to the right. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a snapshot of the entire scene, but included one of the buildings to the left.

The next was in Limon, Costa Rica. I painted an old yellow boat anchored in the harbor all alone. Below is a snapshot of the scene, and the painting.

After I viewed this painting online, I definitely have to take the black doorknob off the front white cabin door. Looks sort of like a Disney character, doesn’t it?

Each painting took about an hour. Whenever I go on a trip, these are the best souvenirs I bring back…remembrances of sitting for an hour or so and soaking up the local atmosphere while putting it to canvas!!