Breakthrough Part 2

Yesterday I started the first in a series of how I learned to paint water. As I mentioned, what took me a week some forty years ago, I now do in an hour or two. Being primarily self-taught this is the second painting I did trying to learn to paint the multiple layers of water.
From the “quarentena de novo estúdio” I completed this around the same time of the work posted yesterday, around 1979. It was from a photo taken on a backpacking trip in the high Sierra. The deer weren’t there, but added them into the scene. Painting in oils, I first did the rocks, then let it dry, and kept glazing and adding layers. It took weeks between the drying and painting process. Now days I have learned how to paint wet into wet and everything can be done in one sitting.
This piece was also given to my parents which they hung in their home for many years, and now I think one of their grandchildren inherited it.
The photo might be a little blurry as it was scanned from a slide, and not sure what happened in the process.