Painting Iceland

We recently did a cruise in the North Sea on the NCL Prima, visiting Iceland, Norway, England, and several other countries.  As usual, I took a small acrylic paint kit with me in case there was a break in our busy itinerary and I had time to paint.  The opportunity only presented itself a few times.  

I won’t go into a travelog of the trip, but you can see a preview/trailer of a video I produced here—

I did produce a full movie over an hour long, but is held private.  If interested in seeing it, please email me (, or private message me and I will send you the URL.

Due to a last minute change in the cruise port schedule we stayed in Akureyri, Iceland for two days, and it gave me the opportunity to do a couple paintings from our cruise ship cabin balcony.  The first was the hillside opposite our ship in port. The layers of various colors and rock strata were intriguing.

The second was from the same location, but looking up the Eyjafjörður fjord.

I also started one painting from our balcony while docked in Geiranger, Norway, which was the most spectacular scene, but didn’t have a lot of time, so left it unfinished.

Since we returned, I have been doing a number of small works from the trip for my annual Holiday Sale, which will be in my next weblog!

Stay tuned!!