Seventeen: The Eggo Team

Continuing the ‘Creeks and Rivers of Silicon Valley’ project.


The Eggo frozen waffle was invented by three brothers in San Jose. Marketing it in 1953, they first called it ‘Froffles‘, but people started calling them Eggos because of the egg like taste. In 1968, Kellogg’s purchased the brand. Their advertising slogan – “L-eggo my Eggo” is now well known.

Miguelita Creek flows out of the east foothills of Silicon Valley, joins Lower Silver Creek, right past the Kellogg’s plant where Eggos are made, and then empties into Coyote Creek. I painted number Seventeen by the Kellogg factory entrance at the junction of Eggo Way and Wooster Avenue (yes there really is an Eggo Way). The factory is near the junction of Hwy 101 and Mckee Road, just northeast of downtown San Jose. Click here for a map of all painting locations.

I originally planned on painting a sunset scene looking towards the west, but when I got there, the opposite direction was more compelling to me. The old abandoned Western Pacific railroad tracks run right by there crossing an old wooden trestle. This rail branch used to run from Niles to San Jose. You may remember Niles was the location of paintings Nine and Ten.

Below are some pictures from the afternoon. You can now click on a thumbnail, then scroll directly from picture to picture

Below is the finished painting. Just on the other side of the trestle, you can see Hwy 101 (known locally as the Bayshore Freeway) overpass. I indicated a few cars and trucks whizzing by.

The Eggo Team, 8x10, oil on panel
The Eggo Team, 8×10, oil on panel

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