An Entirely new Art Form Breakthrough

Freedom!, 24×36, oil on road

Marina, CA, April 1, 2022..   World renowned, award winning artist Donald Neff has just invented an entirely new genre of art.  We think it will take the art world by storm. Art and painting constantly evolve and transition to ideas and areas we may not have imagined just a few years before.  Think Picasso, who as a teen could paint like Raphael, and with no where to go was a forerunner of modern art.  Pollock stumbled upon drip painting.  Hunter Biden blew the art world away with his doodling.

After spending two years virtually locked up due to covid restrictions, Neff was yearning to be free.  “I just wanted to be free to paint, so I strapped an easel on my Harley, took off and started painting”, Neff says.  Neff frequently rides his Harley, including painting trips, but has never painted while actually riding.  “I have always wondered what a painting would look like if I did it while cruising down the road, so rigged an easel on my gas tank to paint while on the road.”   Neff continues “it was so great, because as soon as I got to my first actual painting location, I already had one completed.”

“Freedom!” is Neff’s first ‘zoom painting’. According to Neff, it was a little difficult concentrating on the painting while staying on the bike, but he did it without any scrapes or accidents. For such a big invention, Neff also chose a big canvas, 24×36, and it was a little hard keeping it steady in the constant headwind. Like a sail, Neff had to keep correcting course to stay in his lane. Neff says, “I also had to circle around a lot to keep painting the same scene, but didn’t get too dizzy.” 

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