141 Feet Above Garrapata

141 Feet Above Garrapata, 14×18, oil on canvas

One of the spectacular coastlines in the world, the Big Sur coastline runs for 90 miles on the west central coast of California.  California Highway One winds along its length and is flanked on one side by the majestic Santa Lucia Mountains and on the other by the rocky Pacific Coast.   Garrapata State Park extends along the coast on the northern part of the coastline and I am fortunate to live just half an hour away from this spectacular area. 

Out painting with the California Art Club last January, I flew my drone for a quick flight.  You can read about that excursion here, plus a short video I made, shown below.

This painting is a frame from the drone video I took that day, and can actually be seen around the midpoint of the video below.  I have occasionally been doing paintings from a drone’s eye perspective, the first being “The World’s First Plein Air Drone Selfie” here.